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   I.  Bookfolio Series:  Bookfolio Student Activity Guides       Bookfolio Reading Guides      BookfolioPLUS

  II.  Start with the Winners! Series:    Annual Winners! Updates     Winners! 21 Collections     Winners! Bookfinder     


We use the technology of the Internet to make available a wide variety of reading and language arts resources and purchase options for teachers, school and public librarians, parents, and homeschoolers.  Our Bookfolio Series: the Student Activity Guides, the Reading Guides, and the BookfolioPLUS support the reading of whole books for three levels, Level I, Grades 3-4, Level II, Grades 5-6, and Level III, Grades 6-8.  The addition of Start with the Winners! series broadens our grade range from Toddlers to Young Adult readers by providing access to over 4,000 award-winning titles through two programs: Winners! Book Collections and Winners! Book Finder featuring the dynamic and unique view of each title in both programs...Winner's Bookview PLUS.

Bookfolio Series:  Student Activity Guides

Our Student Activity Guides  provides a variety of independent and group activities to extend and enrich the reading experience. Choose any title(s) from our core collection of 150 award-winning titles for grades 3-8.  Learn More

Bookfolio Series:  Reading Guides

Our Reading Guides Series complements the most popular titles from our core collection.  Each guides includes chapter-by-chapter discussion questions, vocabulary lists and ongoing activities in teacher and student version designed to provide an in-depth study guide. Learn More 

 Bookfolio Series:  BookfolioPLUS  

Our BookfolioPLUS Series includes the Bookfolio Student Activity Guide PLUS the Reading Guide. The combination of these two guides provides instructional resources that will meet a wide variety of learning modalities. Learn More 

Start with the Winners! Series:  Winners! 21 Collections

Winners! of the 21st Century Collection feature the award winners from 2000 and upgraded throughout 2014.  .Each collection of award-winning titles for a designated grade group begins with the Winners! Booklist that includes is a brief description of each title in the list and the number of awards it has won.  Each title links to its Winner's BookviewPLUSThis new and dynamic resource includes 1. bibliographic information, 2.  the book's cumulative award history to date based on the results of 43 Institution Awards, books chosen by professionals and experts, and 85 Young Readers' Choice Awards books chosen by young readers in 48 states PLUS more award-winning titles won by the author and/or illustrator with a link to each title's Winners! BookviewPLUS .  Learn More 

Start with the Winners! Series:  Winners! Bookfinder 

Winners! Bookfinder enables members to create unique booklists of award-winning titles through a variety of search options. Each title in a booklist links to its Winner's BookviewPLUS, a unique resource that includes bibliographic information about the title, the title's Winner's! Bookview with its cumulative award history to date PLUS more Winners' Bookviews based on other book awards won by the author and/or illustrator. Members have a full year access to  Winners! Bookfinder accessible by title, author, illustrator, genre, grade group and more.    Learn More 

Directory of Resources for Book Awards Programs - Open to All Visitors

Use our online resources to find out more about the book awards programs currently in our database.   The resources include an overview of the two book award types: the Institution Awards (books chosen by professionals and experts) and the Young Readers' Choice Awards (favorites chosen by students based on a list of titles).  Our most popular resource features three-year lists of past two year winners and current winners. Each title in the list links to its Bookprovile.  New awards programs are added each year and designated as new on the Awards List and Links page with the word New  Learn More

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