Start with the Winners! Series

Start with the Winners! Series - our gateway to over 5,000 book award Winners! representing the award-winning titles from 50 Institution Awards and 81 Young Readers' Choice Awards programs collected by our database Winners! BookfinderPLUS.  Beginning with the first award-winning book in 1924 in each award's program until the current year, titles that won the award and also those that won honors, second place, finalists are included resulting in access to two derivative programs each offering a gateway to the Winners! 

I.  Winners! BookfinderPLUS:  You SELECT SEARCH OPTIONS to create your list:  As a member you have access to Winners! BookfinderPLUS database which offers a variety of search options to produce the Winners! list of your choice.  You also have access to the Winners! BookviewPLUS for any title on any list you created.  View database search and view options: 

II.  Winners! CollectionsPLUS:  You CHOOSE a PRESELECTED COLLECTION by genre and year(s).  As a member you can also choose any one of the Winners! Collections...a preselected list of award-winning titles for any one of 5 grade groups: Toddler to PreK, PreK to Grade 2, Grades 3-5, Grades 5-9, and Grades 9-12.  After you choose a grade group, your next choice is by genre and/or year(s).  Each Collection produces the Winners! BrowserPLUS. The PLUS feature enables you to browse the list of titles from three perspectives.  Then click on any title in the Winners! BrowserPLUS list to view its Winners! BookviewPLUS. 

                     The Winners! BrowserPLUS is the preselected list and its three perspectives. 

                                1.  Titles that won Institution Awards are identified with the blue symbol.

                                2.  Titles that won Young Readers Choice Awards are identified with the green symbol.

                                3.  Titles that won both award types are identified with both symbols.

                      The Winners! BookviewPLUS is accessible with a click on a title of your choice.   

                               1.  This first section includes Bibliographic information.

                               2.  The cumulative award history is based on data collected in Winners! BookfinderPLUS.

                               3.  The PLUS features additional award-winning title by the author and/or the illustrator. 


Start with the Winners! Series

Derivatives in this series are designed to celebrate each award Winner! where each title leads to its Winners! BookviewPLUS designed to celebrate the book, the writer and the illustrator, the book awards programs, and the professionals and young readers who select the Winners!

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Gateway to Award-winning Books for Tots to Teens

Toddler to PreK

PreK to Gr. 2

Grades 3 to 5

Grades 5 to 9

Grades 9 to 12

Winners! BookfinderPLUS Stats

The two Century Charts below include the award-winning titles in Winners! Bookfinder database from the first awarded in 1924 through the 1999 and the titles that have won from 2000 through the current year.

Current Number of Award-winning Books in Winners! BookfinderPLUS:
20th Century Winners! 1924-1999
Toddlers to Preschool: 28 Titles
Pre K – Grade 2: 790 Titles
Grades 3 – 5: 587 Titles
Grades 5 – 9: 839 Titles
Grades 9 – 12: 407 Titles
21st Century Winners! 2000-2015
Toddlers to Preschool: 44 Titles
Pre K – Grade 2: 833 Titles
Grades 3 – 5: 440 Titles
Grades 5 – 9: 750 Titles
Grades 9 – 12: 545 Titles
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