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Start with the Winners Winners! BookfinderPLUS - your gateway to the award Winners!  representing the award-winning titles from 49 Institution Awards and 81 Young Readers' Choice Awards programs.  Winners! BookfinderPLUS collects titles beginning with the first award-winning book in each awards program until the current year and  including both titles that won the award medal and those that won honors, second place, finalists etc.

Start with the Winners! Series provides access to two programs:  Winners! BookfinderPLUS and Winners! CollectionsPLUS.  The PLUS feature in each program enables you to view your list from Three Perspectives:  1. the titles that won Institution Awards, 2. the titles that won Young Readers Choice Awards, and 3. the titles that won both award types. 

A click on any title will produce its Winners! BookviewPLUS that includes bibliographic information, the book's cumulative award history based on the awards programs currently in our database, PLUS access to the Winners! BookviewPLUS for each additional award-winning title by the author and/or the illustrator. 

The Winners! BookviewPLUS, is designed to celebrate the book, the awards programs, the writers and the illustrators who create the books, and the professionals and young readers who select the Winners!. 


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Winners! Bookfinder Stats

The stat chart to include all award-winning titles in Winners! Bookfinder database through 2014.

Current Number of Award-winning Books in BookfinderPLUS: 9,173
Award-winning titles by Grade Group:
Pre K – Grade 2: 2,570
Grades 3 – 5: 1,966
Grades 5 – 9: 3,021
Grades 9 – 12: 1,488
Award-winning titles for most popular Genres for all grade Groups:
Genre Gr 3-5 Gr 5-9 Gr 9-12
Realistic Fiction: 909 1,180 585
Historical Fiction: 89 279 80
Science Fiction / Fantasy: 172 372 257
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