Start with the Winners! Series: Winners! 21 Collections

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 Start with the Winners

Winners! CollectionsPLUS for each Grade Group collections features the award-winning titles of the 20th and the 21st Century arranged by genre, year(s), and more.  Each collection is designed to make your search a dynamic experience beginning with a unique booklist that goes beyond a book title to the PLUS features.

Winners! BrowserPLUS list features the Winners! for the grade group related to the collection's theme.  Each title begins with an award symbol or two award symbols each of which is colored to designate the type of award(s) a book has won to date:  an Institution Award (blue) and/or the Young Readers' State Awards (green).  Use the Three Perspectives option to view your list based on award type(s).  Following each title is a brief description of the book and the total number of awards the book has won to date. 

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