Start with the Winners! Series: Winners! 21 Collections

Featuring the Winners! BrowserPLUS

 Start with the Winners

Winners! CollectionsPLUS for each Grade Group Collection features the award-winning titles for the 20th Century and for the 21st Century with each century collection arranged by genre, year(s), and more.  Each collection is designed to make your search a dynamic experience beginning with a unique Winners! Browser List that goes beyond a list of book title.

Winners! BrowserPLUS list features the Winners! for the grade group related to the collection's theme.  Each title begins with a single award symbol or two award symbols each of which is colored to designate the type of award(s) a book has won to date: (blue) for Institution Award(s)  and (green) for the Young Readers' State Award(s).  Use the Three Perspectives option to view your list based on award type(s).  Following each title is a brief description of the book and the total number of awards the book has won to date. 

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